Friday, June 6, 2014

Week in Review - June 6, 2014

What did we do this week? To quote Miss K, "that is a good question." (She will respond with that when you ask, "what is 1+1?" or some other question you might have for her. I have no idea where she learned that.)

We did school for 5 days. Maybe not getting up as early as we would like. Maybe not as much school as normal but we did get out the books and work on some things.

We finished listening to the Greek Myths. Next week we are going to work on the Greek Myth pockets. I had visions of listening to the myths and having in depth conversations. That didn't happen.  Though we did have a few conversations. I shared with Bob how just the other week in the sermon the Vicar used the alluring song of the Sirens and Orpheus playing the lyre and singing so loudly that the men could not hear and so were not drawn to jump overboard. His point was that the grace of the gospel sings a song more beautiful than the world. Bob did talk about just reading in Acts 14 were the people of Lystra called Barnabas Zeus and Paul Hermes. So we did have a few conversations.

Bob finished Writing Strands. We talked about his thoughts and his goals. I was not that impressed with Writing Strands but some of that might be that I didn't spend much time with him on that. I have Write Shop for next year. Any recommendations for middle school writing. We loved IEW in a co-op setting but with just the two of us it was difficult.

Miss K is just continuing along with what she is doing through if she had her way school would be cancelled. She tried to tell me that today but it didn't work.

Miss K went to Kids Club this week. She was all excited. I will say that was one day that she did her school work quickly. Miss K will see a girl across the room and says, "that is my friend."

She was excited to use the pink pen that she got. It is pink and has a butterfly on it so that is enough for her to like.

Miss K has been talking about the Philippines. The best guess that I can come up with for that is the people we stayed with when we arrived, one of them had been in the Philippines and there were magnets on the refrigerator from the Philippines. So given her interest I have been teaching her the continent, capital city, features, and connecting it with people she knows who were missionaries there.

Miss K was very upset and wanted something that is in the shipment. Her brother was kind and helped her make a paper chain to count down the days. I think they have enough links for about 3 weeks and it should be here in the next two weeks. We are all looking forward to that.

I made PA Dutch Chicken Pot Pie tonight. I must have been longing for my cultural heritage. I am limited in my cooking to what can be done on the stove as don't have any baking dishes and also what I can make with food from the local store. I think this is the first time that I made this. My family enjoyed it.

Tomorrow is football/soccer. Miss K is ready to play. Bob didn't want to go but is thinking that maybe he will just go and watch. He has been kicking the ball with the neighbour boys. I had to force him to go the other night but then last night he heard them outside and asked to go out as soon as he was done eating. He is slowly adjusting.

I guess that is some of what we did this week.

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  1. I can't believe that there is a literature or history pocket that I didn't know existed! I have a feeling my daughter would love Greek Myth pockets! Thanks for sharing :-)



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