Thursday, June 5, 2014

Planning Summer

Today does not feel like summer but I think there will be a few days of summer coming in the next few months and I want to be ready. I need to plan so I know what to buy and have on hand when we need a bit of summer fun. I am still learning my way around and honestly other than buying groceries and a new toothbrush I have not bought much. Right now we don't have a car so that limits what we can do and where we can go.

Last summer was spent traveling so I really didn't plan fun things for at home because we weren't at home. We will continue some school as we school year round but it is a different school schedule. More about that in another post.

Here are some of my summer plans.

We have a camping trip planned. I think it has been 20+ years since I camped. We decided to do it the easy way and go with someone who has an extra tent and all we need is sleeping things. I do have a cooler and sports chairs.

We have a few days planned in the Lake District with a group of Chinese students. We will stay at a bed and breakfast there.

Those are the big events on our calendar. What are some fun things we can do at home?

- Host a water balloon fight - that would be great for a hot afternoon. I just need to find water balloons.

- Make homemade popsicles/lollies - I have memories of my mom making these in Dixie cups. I have the mold from Tupperware. I just need to find a recipe and the ingredients.

- Make slushies - my friend makes them with Kool-aid so add Kool-aid to my shopping list and make sure I plan ahead and have some ice on hand.  

- Go for a hike - We are close to the Peak District where there are so many Public footpaths. We need to just go for a hike.

- Go on a picnic - Make some fried chicken and other things and go on a picnic. We did that a few years ago and my kids loved it. They love fried chicken because they get to eat it with their fingers.

- Clean up the back garden so we can have a fire pit. Wonder if we can get marshmallows here?

- Plant a vegetable garden - we have begun that.

- Make some sponge water bombs - I have seen this posted a number of places. I just need to get a few sponges and make some.

- Make a frozen treasure for the kids to melt and discover what is in there.

- Give Bob a frozen t-shirt. That might keep him busy for a few minutes on a hot day.

- Get out the sidewalk chalk - I think we have some.

- Go to a local museum.

- Visit the library.

- Take a hike through the city.

- Find a creek to splash in.

It helped me to sit down and think of some fun things that we can do this summer. I have an idea of things I need to begin collecting so we are ready when summer comes.

What are some of your summer fun ideas?

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  1. Great photo! I'm working on a summer list. I like to do categories: inside ideas/rainy days, outside ideas, and outings. I did a blog post about this topic last year.
    My main plan for this summer is to keep the boys off the computer as much as I can. :)

  2. I like your list.
    Yes, you definitely should be able to buy marshmallows. We eat them every time we have a barbecue.
    We find that a family railcard pays for itself quite quickly. It might be worth looking into particularly if you will be using public transport a fair amount.

  3. We share many of the same things on our summer list.

  4. A few mini vacations, fun with friends and some family visits! Enjoying our last summer in South Dakota!



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