Sunday, June 22, 2014

Week in Review - June 20, 2014

I know the Friday was two days ago. I thought about skipping an update for this week but decided to just take a few minutes to reflect on our week.

The highlight of the week was getting our shipment. That is one reason that an update didn't get done on Friday. I have been busy unpacking and finding places for things. I have the kitchen all unpacked. Now I am working on the school things. We found the math dictionary. That was one of the things that I missed. Bob wasn't as excited as he said now I will say, "go look it up." I think I heard that from my parents so I am telling it to my children.

My plan is to give a tour of the house but that will happen when we are settled a bit more.

We are continuing working on our Greek pockets. This week we worked on a pocket for Persphone. One of the activities was to make puppets and then retell the story. Miss K did the puppets while Bob read the story.

Here are Bob's puppets.

Miss K is working on colouring a quiver for Pegasus.

Bob is adding detail.

Just a fun picture from the week. I think we are an international family that doesn't use the plastic bags that often. We have two boxes from Asia -- one is a Chinese New Year special edition Ziploc. 

That wraps up our week. 

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  1. Hi Stuart and Beth: Great sharing! What a God's Blessing for your family together in serving Him. Please read your email for my sincere request. Thanks! Simon

  2. The ziploc bags cracked me up.



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