Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Review

I can't believe it is the end of February already. I am continuing to work on some of the goals for the year and striving to be intentional.

I worked on my Unfinished Projects and finished one project this month and worked on a fourth. I did begin a new project, Summer House. I have four charm packs of Summer House fabric and I am making a quilt from that. I am almost finished my I Spy quilt. I just need to finish the binding.

I finished the binding on a block of the month quilt, which I did not do each month but rather waited until I had all the blocks and allowed them to sit in the sewing room and then quickly finished al of them in a few weeks. It really would be easier if you did the block each month when it arrived. This quilt is called Pennsylvania Dutch. I picked it based on my Pennsylvania Dutch heritage which is mainly from my dad's side of the family (my mom can correct me if there is any of that on her side as well).

I think we did a good job on hospitality this month. We had a some guys over for dinner and also a couple over for Stuart's birthday. My kids enjoy company because I will often make dessert on those evenings.

I think I might call the movie our outing for the month. I am ready for spring and nice weather so we can go on some more outings.

I might squeeze a quick hike in this afternoon. The weather is nice and so we will put on our hiking boots and go for a nice long walking -- all three of us.

I didn't do any knitting this month. I think I was busy finishing projects and working on other goals.

I have gotten rid of more things this month. Every now and then we get a plastic bag in our post slot that a charity is picking up clothing or other donations. It is easy, fill the bag, and put it outside for pick-up on a specific day. I had made it a challenge to put at least some things in each bag that we receive.

As I think about March, knowing that the weather will be warmer and the days a bit longer I do want to do more walking and exercise. I have been doing a 60 day T-Tapp challenge. I will measure on the 10th and see how many inches I have lost.

I found someone that will do machine quilting and that person is local. I love the piecing but do not enjoy the quilting. I have decided that I will continue to learn how to quilt on my machine but at the same time send some of the quilts to get machine quilted. My goal is to take two quilts to get machine quilted in March. These are two on my unfinished projects list.

I have my theory portion of the driving test scheduled for March. I have been studying and I am praying I pass the first time.

Those are some of my goals for March. What do you have planned for March?

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  1. I love this post Beth! I always enjoy hearing other people's goals and how they are achieving them. I adore your quilts. How I wish I had the patience, but the only one I have started I've been at on and off for thirteen years! I think quilts are the epitome of home making (to me) and quilting is such a marvelous skill to have. If you lived nearer I would ask you to show me how to do it properly!



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