Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Living Overseas - Our Community

We have been here for living in England for 10 months. I thought I would share bit and pieces of our life here. These are our experiences based on who we are and where we live. Experiences may vary in other locations and with other people.

One of the big differences I think between living here and living in the USA is the amount of walking you do. Here we walk to church, the parks, and the shops.

There are some shops at the bottom of the hill. It is about a 7 minute walk unless you have Miss K with you and then it can be a 10-12 minute walk. She might even ask if we can ride the bus. No, we don't ride the bus to the bottom of the hill.

I am thankful for the shops down there as they are great for getting things we need. This is the bottom of the hill. You can see the fields in a distance.

There is a news shop. Basically it has newspapers, magazines and sweets. I don't go in there often except to buy Miss K here Frozen stickers.

The hardware store really has just about anything you could need or want for around your house. I bought birthday candles there for J's cake. We bought our sledge there and it was cheaper than the sports store. I bought slug powder there. We have had a problem with slugs in the utility room and kitchen. The store is not that big but they have all kinds of things in there that you might need.

There is a post office which is great for mailing packages and letters.

The Fruit and Vegetable shop has a bit higher prices than the supermarket. I find the quality to be good and I like supporting a local business plus they call me love when I shop there.

Then across the street there is an Indian take away. I think every group of shops probably has either an Indian take away or a Chinese. We have an Indian one here. We have gotten food here a few times. I miss the Indian restaurant in Hong Kong. I compare all Indian restaurants to that one and usually end up missing Hong Kong.

There is also a butcher. I have gone in there once or twice.

There is a Co-op which is a bit more than a convenience store as it has meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, bread, and a number of other things. I will say that we are probably in the Co-op a few times a week. The supermarket is cheaper but it is great to have this option here in our neighbourhood. J will run to the store sometimes for me.

So when I say I am running to the shops, this is where I head. I might be getting milk or some fruit or sending a letter all of those things can be done in the shops.

What else would you like to know about life here?

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us. Is it distinctively less Christian or spiritual than America, or does that depend on the neighborhood...area? Are most of the churches Anglican or similar to state-type churches, or are there plenty of evangelical ones?

  2. I love hearing your observations on life here. Often they bring into focus things I take for granted. We walk a fair amount too. Here in London, the public transport links are good so we often take the bus (upstairs at the front, if possible) or train.



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