Saturday, February 7, 2015

Week in Review - 6 February 2015

What did we do this week? Monday seems like it was a long time ago. I don't think there was much special in this week.

Our Monet Wall

January we studied Monet and put our pictures and some of his paintings on the wall. We need to pick a new artist for February.

I took the time on the weekend to plan some therapy activities for this week. I focused this week on fine motor. I even have a few activities that we did not do.

Monday I ventured to the shopping mall as J needed new trousers. I keep hoping that he will outgrown the putting holes in the knees. Our city has one of a large shopping mall so we went there. We found trousers and then wandered through Toys "R" Us, Disney and Lego store. Next stop was Hobby Craft because I wanted some art supplies for the kids.

Tuesday continues to be a busy day. While it might be busy it is a fun day as we have co-op. There are a few other HE families that get together. We watch a French DVD together for our French lesson and then I do composers with the older group and the younger group do geography.

Miss K decided that after watching the French DVD and watching Annie in French that she could speak French. Not really but it was fun listening to her attempt.

Wednesday was team day and so I just skipped school and gave the kids electronics all day. Someone remarked about how well behaved they were. I confessed that it was electronics. The kids enjoy going and it does give me an opportunity to interact with our team.

Thursday was back to school. We had a good day except for the rough part. We made it through the day and we got things done. I have been reading My Father's Dragon at lunchtime. That is just a cute story. I remember reading it to J our first year of homeschooling. I am going back to the Sunlight books and reading them again. Miss K began a new math program on the computer. More about that later. She loves it maybe because it is on the computer.

Friday was the wrap up of the week. There is still snow on the ground but the HE football group was able to play. The past two weeks they have not met because of snow. The other football game was cancelled. The kids practiced their tin whistles. I have to say that J has talent in that he is able to play songs that he knows without music. If you like tin whistles, I found this website that has lots of music for the tin whistle.

That about wraps up our weekend. The kids have Saturday morning activities -- gymnastics and ballet. J needs a haircut and I am not sure what else we will do this weekend.

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  1. It sounds like it was quite a busy week! I like the variety in your school days. My son makes a lot of holes in his pants too .

  2. Sounds like you had a fun, busy week! Hope this week is going well.



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