Friday, February 27, 2015

Week in Review - February 27, 2015

Where did February go? I will say that I am enjoying the slightly longer days and there are hints of spring. As we walked to the shops this morning, we saw crocus, daffodils, and buds on the trees.

I was a bit nervous about how our week would be after having part of a week off. Thankfully I think we got back into the routine through I just remember J and I didn't do spelling today. I guess he got a break.

I have figured out a way to get some art into our day. Normally we begin our day together with me reading Bible, History, and whatever else. I have begun to give the kids an art assignment using a textbook that I got in a thrift store.

Miss K's still life was a mug. The little squares on the top are marshmallows. The handle is a bit small but it does look like a mug.

I have decided that I want to give the kids opportunities to use real art supplies. I bought some little canvases and allowed them to paint them. J used acrylic paints and Miss K just used some poster paint we had.

Overall it was a good school week. I found some time to work on projects. Miss K wanted to make a dress. Really her idea of sewing is just to cut up fabric. I decided that I would use some of the flannel that I have and make her a nightshirt. I actually made it in an evening. Maybe I have been inspired by British Sewing Bee. I then took the scraps and am zigzagging them to make some more rags.

This morning Miss K packed her suitcase and brought everything downstairs. She told me she is going to Seattle on Tuesday and she wanted her password. She has everything planned for her time there except the ticket to get there.

That about wraps up our week.

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  1. Your weeks seem so full and creative. I love their art work and the suitcases are adorable.

  2. Beautiful canvases! Are you really going to Seattle? :)



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