Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Walk in the Park

A friend mentioned wanting to go find the bluebells and then this morning at church she invited us to join them. I thought it would be something fun for Miss K and I to do as daddy and J had other plans.

The park was about a 10 minute drive through the countryside.

We walked a bit into the area and there were just bluebells all around. My friend said that last week they weren't quite blooming but this week they were beautiful.

Here is a close up.

One thing that we have come to enjoy is the public paths. This particular path was through the woods but also along the farmer's fields. There are signs saying to have your dog on a lead.

The narrow path lead through the wood. We walked and then went down the hill and back towards the car.

We walked along the wall next to this sheep field. The lambs here were a bit older.

Here are some lambs. You could hear the lambs calling for their mamas or the mamas calling for the babies. Miss K wanted to pet the sheep but these are not petting sheep.

The lambs in this field were a bit younger. They do seem a bit camera shy and not waiting to show their faces.

It was a great walk and Miss K did a good job walking for the most part. We did have some cookies along the way -- American cookies.

I am enjoying the natural beauty all around us here in the area where we live.

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  1. Beautiful path for a walk!

  2. Oh, that all looks just heavenly! Makes me want to jump on a plane just to see the bluebells.

  3. I love bluebells. It always seems a long wait for them but they are so beautiful when they eventually emerge.
    On another subject, I have just updated my UK Christian home educator blog list and added your blog to it. Hope this is OK.



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