Thursday, May 14, 2015

Books about Chess

Chess is a game of thinking and logic. Chess is also a historical game filled with the king, the queen, knights, castle, bishop, and the pawns.

I thought I would share some of the books that we have on chess. I think most of these are things we bought at thrift stores.

The Kids Book of Chess by Harvey Kidder - This is almost a storybook. It begins telling with what is chess and the history. Then it tells how to move the pieces and a bit about each piece. This is one of my favourite books about chess. I love that the illustrations have the medieval feel.

Then it teaches you how to play? This is an interesting book to read and learn to play while reading. Did you know that the term checkmate comes from the Persian shah mat meaning "the king is dead."

Osborne First Skills Starting Chess - This books introduces you to the pieces and then how the pieces move. There are puzzles throughout the book to test your skills. This book includes how to play queen and kings which is what Miss K is learning to play.

DK Chess for Kids by Michael Basman - This is a typical DK book with lots of photos. It includes the pieces and how they move and a bit about beginning, middle game, and end game. One nice feature is that it has a glossary which is helpful when you need to learn all the terms. This is a great resource as well.

Chess From first moves to checkmate by Daniel King - This is probably my least favourite of the books we have. It might be the metallic looking chess pieces. It is still a good reference book and does have quite a bit on some of the famous chess players though it is dated. I know that because my husband keeps me updated on the current top chess players.

There are numerous books written on chess but these are great books for beginners and to have to understand the historical aspect of the game.

Do you play chess?

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