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Real Life Press - Review

I think two of my favourite Bible characters are Joseph and Moses. There are so many life lessons that can be learned from both of these men. I was recently given the opportunity to review Real Life Press's Firmly Planted, Book of Moses Part 2. I received the digital Family Study Guide and also the digital Student Workbook.

Real Life Press Review

Real Life Press is the publishing ministry of Jay and Heidi St. John. Firmly Planted is a series of Bible studies. Each series is just ten-weeks with a core idea or the seed, a reading, and discussion questions for each week. Each week's lesson is divided into four days. There is a Bible passage given in the Study Guide. Each lesson has the seed, which is a summary point for that week's lesson. Planting the seed is a memory verse for that week. The discussion questions are additional planting the seed. These questions are for ages 11 and above.

There are a number of books in the Firmly Planted series. It is not necessary to do them in order so if you are looking for a specific passage, you could get that study guide. We jumped in beginning with Joseph being sold into slavery in Genesis 37. The Student Workbook has various pages for the children to do complete. There are activities for the younger children as well as the older children.

Real Life Press Review

As were talked about Joseph being sold into slavery, one of the suggested activities for younger children was using spices as a tactile learning time for understanding about the merchants caravan. Miss K and I glued some spices on a paper. She enjoyed that learning activity and it did help her to understand and learn. I thought this as well as other activities were fun ways to teach the passage and help the children remember what they have learned.

I am a visual person. I am a paper and pencil person. I like to be able to see and write notes on my pages. Using this in the digital form was a challenge for me. I found it difficult to see what we are to be doing when I was just looking at one page at a time on the screen. The Bible passage was printed at the beginning of the week's lesson and then the discussion questions were later I did print out the pages that we were using just to help me but did not print the whole guide. It helped having it printed out but I realised one thing the week number was only printed at the beginning of each week and so as you are flipping through the pages it is difficult to see what week you are looking at.

I printed some of the workbook pages for the kids to do. The workbook is in colour but I just printed these on the black and white printer which worked fine for what the kids where doing. These were fun activities for the kids.

There were times as I was using this that I was struggling with how to use it. I was not always sure what I was to do each day. At the beginning of the week, we read the Bible passage and then the notes about that passage as well Day 1. Then on Day 2 through 4 we read the passage for that day and talked about the discussion questions. Some of the Bible readings was in the Study Guide but there were a day or two when we had to use our Bibles. There were times that I felt it was skipping and jumping. J even mentioned we were skipping parts. We know the story and so we filled in the missing parts.

The seeds from the lessons were excellent truths to take away as we studied each lesson. There are so many truths at we can learn from Joseph and Moses.

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Real Life Press Review

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