Friday, May 29, 2015

Photo Scavenger Hunt

We decided to add some fun to our day. We made a list of things to look for on our outing. It helped that we have lived here and I knew some of the things that we would see. I did also include some items on the list that were generic just something various colours.

A flower pot --

A photo of our feet

An expensive car - I think a Rolls Royce qualifies as an expensive car.

A lion - I knew there were stone lions at the Peninsula.

McDonald's - I think I went to the McDonalds on my first visit here in 1991.

J & K on the Star Ferry

The Peak - You can see bits of it behind the buildings there.

A life buoy - Nothing like two from the Star Ferry.

A skyscraper - really there are so many here that it should be easy to get a photo. I think this is one of the tallest here in the city.

This is just a few highlights of our photo scavenger hunt. It was hot and humid something that we are not used to and so we got tired and were finished before our list was completed.

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  1. Thank you, Beth. I always appreciate photos of your outings!



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