Thursday, June 4, 2015

Museum Morning in Hong Kong

Most museums in Hong Kong are free on Wednesdays. That means you save the admission but you might have to deal with a few more people there. There were more museums than we had time for on Wednesday.

Knowing that I planned our museum visits for Wednesday. The plan was to meet some friends at the Science Museum. The museums tend to open around 10:00. We had planned to meet at 11:00 we arrived early and had about an hour before meeting our friends. Since the Museum of History is next to the Science Museum we went there.

It was Wednesday and so it was a bit crowded mainly with a school group that was arriving at 10:00. As the school groups were starting at the beginning, we skipped all that (it is just natural environment and pre-history). We have been here before so I knew that the parts we really like are further through the museum. We like the Folk Culture and the British History sections so we skipped to those areas.

The Lion Dance is at traditional Chinese New Year. When we lived in Hong Kong there was a place near our house where they did the dance.

This is from the section of the cession of Hong Kong.

I thought it was interesting to see the red post box in a museum. We see these all the time on the streets here. In Hong Kong now the post boxes are green and purple.

There was a whole area of the museum that was like an old street with shops -- tailor, bank, tea shop, grocery, pawn shop. I like all the tea lined up ready for customers.

There is a bit on the Japanese occupation. J watched a short film on that. This is from after the war and shows a flat. It was smaller than our living room. I will say that the flats are a bit bigger than that now but not that large.

Here is a sweet shop. I love the sweets in the jars. I remember growing up there was a general store nearby and they sold candy from jars.

We spent an hour in the History museum which is not much time at all. There is so much there you could spend a few hours there but since our plan was to go to the Science Museum we headed over there.

It was free. The first floor was a bit crowded but we just went up a few floors and enjoyed having our own place to explore. The bubbles was a fun area.

Miss K worked to make some big bubbles.

She did it.

I think this was her favourite thing up there. She kept playing with it and the lady watching the area would come over and help her.

The Science Museum has four floors and a wide variety of activities. We laughed through the hall of mirrors, reviewed some of the body science we have studied, learned how some food is made including soy sauce (that was a short movie).

We spent about two hours there again hitting our favourites. I think we were getting hungry and that was one of the reasons we left.

One difference I have found between the museums in Hong Kong and a number of the museums in England is that in England there is a place to eat a packed lunch. I guess in Hong Kong they assume you will just go out to eat and that is what we did. We went out for dim sum. Kylie ate about 9 shrimp cheong fen and J was brave and tried chicken's feet.

The museums are a fun way to spend a morning. There are a number of museums in Hong Kong.

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