Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week in Review 12 June 2015

We still have a few more weeks of school. Part of that is we are following the local schedule and part of that is we took almost the whole month of October off because of traveling. It is nice to have flexibility in home school.

We are spending some time studying the History of Rome. This week was Roman Engineering. We talked about the Roman arch and the kids drew some pictures of the Roman arch. Then we tried to make an aqueduct. We didn't have blocks with arches. I found it interesting to learn how slight the slope was.

We made Roman Road. I used the instructions here as my inspiration. I had to substitute and experiment a bit.

We used Digestives in place of graham crackers. Then made Angel Delight and added some chocolate chips. We tried to put cream cheese on top but it just didn't spread. We couldn't find the frozen whipped topping so I used spray topping and that just isn't the same. We used tea fingers for the top. We talked about the different layers and had a fun snack when we were finished.

Miss K is waiting to try the road.

I thought math with Miss K was going better and then I asked her what 2 + 5 = and her answer was Brazil. I guess we need to keep working on math facts.

This is just a bit from our week.

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