Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week in Review 5 June - Jet lag, finishing the year

This was a week of travel and as a result jet lag. I don't think jet lag was as bad as it could have been. The long night flight was not a full plane and the flight attendants did a great job of moving people around so people had room to stretch out and try to sleep. I did get some sleep on that flight.

Once we got home the kids were looking on the map tracing our flights. The kids added two new layover countries on this trip. We have a list of countries visited and countries with a layover. Miss K has been to 11 countries and J to 10. They have the same number of transit countries 7.

I have posted photos and bits about our Hong Kong trip.

Wednesday morning we were up early and back to school. Up early because we were still a bit jet lagged and also the sun comes up early at this time of year, 4:40am and sets at 9:30pm. We are enjoying our long days and remembering that when you have long days in the summer you also have short days in the winter.

Our morning line-up of hot drinks to help us through the morning -- coffee, tea with milk, and hot chocolate. We all have mugs that we love and use.

We are finishing up some of our books. We have just a few more lessons of history. We have been reading Famous Men of Rome some of the days and learning bits about ancient Rome.

We finished geography and so we will take a break until we begin our new year which might be August.

We also have a few subjects that we will be doing all summer and even then I am not sure we will finish before the new school year. It is a balancing act on my part to push and not to push but allow them to work at their own pace.

I need to work on the year end review. I have been keeping my records but I just need to pull things together for that review.

That about wraps up our week.

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