Friday, July 17, 2015

2015-2016 Curriculum

First of all, we finished our school year, today in fact, which is the same day as most of our local friends. (I need to submit my year end reports and then I am finished.)

Time to plan next year -- I have the big things like the curriculum here it is a matter of getting the nitty-gritty planning done. We begin high school courses this year though not everything will be high school level.

Our History this year is Mystery of History Volume IV. I am so glad that it was finished last year so we could continue.

J is beginning high school. I am not sure if he knows what all that means. I am not sure I know what all that means. I am working to give him more responsibility for his learning. I have been writing course descriptions, expectations, and schedules for him.

Math - He will use Saxon Algebra I with DIVE.

Grammar - This is the 3rd and last season with Analytical Grammar.

Latin - We will continue with First Form Latin. We have a number of lessons and I think this is one of those courses that mom needs to take back. I don't think as much drill and recitation is happening. We are going back and reviewing it. My goal is to finish and move to Second Form Latin which is on the shelf waiting.

Science - J is excited to begin BJU Physical Science. He thinks that will be more fun than Life Science. This will be for credit.

Geography - I am trying something a bit new and using Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum's World Geography course. This is a bit more of a fill-in the blank but we will see how that works. This will be for credit.

Art - I am hoping to have J take art lessons.

Bible - He will continue in the book he has been using.

Miss K  - I don't have much new for her. We are just continuing where we left off.

Math - we have been using Saxon 1 and I think she might be getting it. We will continue with that.

Reading - her reading is good for the most part. We will use Explode the Code and Evan-Moor Reading Comprehension books to just reinforce that.

Science - We are reading Apologia Astronomy together. She is enjoying it.

Geography - I will need to pull some things together for her. I might try to have her do something that matches what J is learning.

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