Thursday, July 2, 2015

Favourite Quotes for July

July seems to be a moved filled with events in my life.

I think the first major July event was when I was 3 -- my 1st brother was born and my quote when I saw him was "him's a dear". Okay, I was 3 at the time. I do love my brothers, all of them. I only cried when 1 of my brothers was born.

It was July when I moved to Bangkok. I can't think of any quotes from that time.

Then it was July when Miss K was born. I think the quote for July that year was "this was not a surprise to God". With all that happened around Miss K's birth I rested in the knowledge that God was not surprised.

Finally it was two years ago that we made a bit organisational change and as part of that we spent a month in Singapore. There was a simple yet powerful quote there -- "Have Faith in God."

Those are all good reminders for this July.

I am striving to blog every day and joining the others at the July Blogging Challenge.

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