Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015-2016 Learning Space

We don't have a dedicated classroom. We share our learning space with the dining room though I think sometimes it looks more like we eat in the dining than we do school in the dining room.

As I got the learning area ready, I gather and dumped all the school supplies that we had on a table. I wanted to sort through what we had. I organised it and decided all we need are some more index cards. Can you have too many index cards?

I also pulled out all the manipulatives and games. I found a number of them that we are just beyond or don't use so it is time to get rid of them.

This is my cabinet. I did organise what is behind the doors. It has some notebooks, baskets with therapy items, all the Super Duper cards, some puzzles, and a few other things. The basket on the top is my morning basket. That is something new that I am trying this year. I still need to work out the details of what that will look like. I want to have a theme for each day so history review on Mondays and poetry on Wednesdays.

Last year I had a bunting made from a book hanging on this wall. I tried to hang these with clothespins but they were just too heavy. I ended up using Blu-tac which we use quite a bit in our learning space.

This is the shelf of books that make us look like real homeschoolers. It is an Ikea Expedit. I wonder what percent of homeschoolers own this bookshelf in one of it various sizes?

My husband found two of these cabinets at the used furniture store this past year. I decided this year to give each of the kids one as their primary place for books. J's books are on the top shelf. I need to sort and find places for things on the other two shelves.

This is Miss K's shelf. The pink index box should be a clue that it is her shelf.

I did a quick sort and get rid of books but I think I could do a more extensive sort and try to get rid of more books but just didn't have the time right now.

We have a large world map on our big wall. It is fun to see Miss K climb up on her chair and point to the various countries that she knows.

My desire is to continue sorting through my shelves and to have things neat so our learning space stays neat so we can also have a dining room.

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