Friday, July 3, 2015

My View

It is 8:00 in the evening and the sun is still shining. I enjoy the long days of summer. This is the view out of front window. The past two weeks we have had street work -- they have been putting in new pavement for walking. 

While I sit here enjoying the evening, I have my evening cup of coffee. I love my lime green Starbucks mug. It has a story. Do you want to hear it?

Years ago when we lived in Hong Kong I bought a mug like this. I loved it. It was bright and made me smile in the morning. Then one day it fell and we had tile floor. Nothing survived falling on the floor and so that was the end of that mug. I was sad but it was just a mug. They no longer sold them in Hong Kong. Then we went to Istanbul and wandered in a Starbucks there. Guess what I found on the shelf, the lime green mug. I bought it. I carried it around for four weeks in Ukraine and took it back to Hong Kong. Then it went on a boat to the US and I used it for my morning coffee. Then again it went on a boat this time to the UK. It is still one of my favourite mugs. 

That is my view this evening. 


  1. It is funny the objects to which we become attached.

  2. Is there a story for your coaster, too? :)

  3. That is certainly a cheerful mug! What a great thing to refind in a new location!



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