Monday, October 5, 2015

Greek Urns

We or rather I should say, the kids have drawn Greek Urns in the past. I was excited to find a new project for them. I found this idea online, making a Greek urn from papier mache. I think that was the first time that the kids have done papier mache. 

We prepared the balloons ahead of time. The base is a balloon and then we put cardboard around the top. After putting the papier mache on that we used cardboard to make the handles and added some more papier mache to that. 

Miss K was enjoying putting the newspaper on the balloon. 

Here she is hard at work. I was impressed with her work. I did make her put an old t-shirt on for the project. You can see the cardboard at the bottom which was actually the top of the urn.

J's looks very neat here.

We then put them in the window to dry. Our front window gets good sunlight in the morning. We found paint at an art shop when we were in York so we were ready to paint them.

J did a great job decorating his to make it look like a Greek Urn. Sharpie was the easiest way to decorate the Greek Urns.

I am not sure what Miss K was doing. At first she was adding black so some areas and then she just started drawing lines.

It was a fun project for the kids. It took a few days to do it. I think we enjoyed it and might try another papier mache project in the future.

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  1. I wish I had known about this activity last year when we were doing Greeks and Romans but have pinned it for next time round!

    1. It was easier than I thought it would be. Let me know if you do it, I might still have paint, you can have.



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