Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week in Review - 23 October 2015

I want to get back into the routine of posting a week in review. It helps me to just keep track of things that we have done each week. So here it is Sunday evening and I am working now to write what we did last week.

Sunday my husband had a surprise birthday party for me. I suspected something was up when he told me he had a meeting at the house on Sunday and he couldn't tell me who was coming. A few friends stopped by. Look at the chocolate cake -- chocolate cake with chocolate icing with Maltesaers and Kit-Kats.

Monday was not the best of days. Monday made me want to move to Australia. We made it through with coffee and grace. J did ask if it could get any worse and while part of me was saying no, part of me was remembering the sermon the day before from Exodus 5 where things did get worse for the slaves -- they had to make bricks and get the straw for the bricks. God still keeps his promises and that is true today. Tuesday was better.

We are finished Quarter 1 of Mystery of History Vol.  IV so we took some time this week to read Famous Men of the Modern Times. It begins with the Lorenzo the Magnificent. That did take us back to Florence, now we are all missing our summer holiday.

It is feeling like autumn here and I was missing Pumpkin Spice Latte so I made my own. I found a recipe for the syrup online and made it. It did mean opening a precious can of pumpkin though I was excited to find it at Waitrose and Ocado so I can order some more. You can buy pumpkins but the puree is difficult to find. Just in case you are wondering what else is difficult to find -- Crisco which I use for just a few recipes I have found it on Amazon, Cool Whip, can't find that at all and have not found a substitute, canned green chiles I could buy 24 of them for £72.78 you can do the math and figure out how much that is per can. I am sure there are a few other things but I can't think of them at this time.

I am enjoying my latte in my Helsinki Starbuck's mug.

I finally finished Miss K's space sensory box. I bought 10kg of rice at Costco. We might be eating lots of rice for the next few weeks. We have been slowly reading the Apologia Astronomy book for her science. She enjoys playing in the box and it is fun to have the planets in there for her to explore.

She was playing with it on Saturday as well. It is fun to hear her talk about her sensory box and the things she is finding in it. She wants an astronaut.

Next week is half-term break for the local schools. We are using it for a catch-up week. J needs to finish his fine arts project, catch-up on geography, take a science test, and do some extra Latin. Miss K has a few things to do as well.

That is a quick wrap-up from here of our week.

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  1. Great cake! I didn't realize it was the "big" birthday. ;)
    I'm glad you created your own PSLatte.



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