Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Maestro Classics - TOS Review

I grew up in a home with music playing. It was either the radio or the record player. My parents had a record player that would stack the records so you could listen to hours of music. If the radio was on, it was often classical music playing. We often have music on at our house as well. I was excited to have the opportunity to review Peter and the Wolf from Maestro Classics and learn a bit about this piece of music.

Maestro Classics Review

Maestro Classics began as a desire of a conductor and executive director of an orchestra to bring classical music to children and families. The story of the first time they took their son to the orchestra is one that will make you smile but it was because of that incident that the desire to find a way to introduce children to classical music was born. Together using their musical abilities and background they created Maestro Classics for children originally at the Kennedy Centre and then available on CD for children and adults everywhere to enjoy.

We reviewed Peter and Wolf and received a MP3 download of the CD and a PDF copy of the book that does with the CD. I printed the book just in black and white, which is not quite as exciting but it was what I was able to do at home. The book included information and activities. There was a bit of information about the composer, Sergei Prokofiev, activities, and bits about Russian instruments. One of the first activities in the book was matching the instruments which is so much a part of Peter and Wolf. Miss K did that while we listen to the music with the narration which helped us to fill in the information and understand the music.

Maestro Classics Review

The CD included the music with narration and also without. There were also some additional information and music such as some Russian music with Russian instruments.

We enjoyed listening to the music and doing the activities. I think this was the first time that I sat with Miss K and we listened to Peter and the Wolf explaining the sounds. She was able to pick out the different instruments and tell bits of the story based on what she was listening to.  J listened to the music with us as well. He also helped Miss K with the activities, maybe I should have printed a copy for him.

I was impressed with the quality of the music. The music is played by the London philharmonic Orchestra. The CD had over an hour of music and introduction to the piece.

Listening to music has so many benefits. I think Maestro Classics is a great way to have fun listening to music and to do it together as a family.

Maestro Classics are available both in a physical copy and downloadable. Some of the title available include Peter and the Wolf, The Nutcracker, The Story of Swan Lake, Carnival of the Animals, My Name is Handel: The Story of Water Music, and more. Maestro Classics gives you "Stories in Music."

I might add one to Miss K's stocking. I am sure she would enjoy either The Nutcracker or The Story of Swan Lake.

Maestro Classics Review
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