Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day Out - Air Museum & Civil War Museum

 I decided we needed a day out. I originally planned to go to the Holocaust Museum which is about an hour away but when I looked at what else was in the area I found about 5 other places. I put them all on a list. We decided to begin with the Newark Air Museum. 

We arrived around 10:45 which is not bad considering we left 30-45 minutes later than I had planned. I have learned that it takes longer than SatNav will say just because of the narrow roads and slow traffic. 

The big attraction at the Newark Air Museum is the Vulcan and the museum was literally built around it. I enjoy talking to the volunteers at museums as often they are people with stories to tell if you will just pause and listen. The gentleman at the Vulcan told us how the Vulcan flew is with just enough fuel to land and taxi to the area and based on where it ran out of fuel is the land the museum received. 

You could get a time to go up in the Vulcan and so while we waited for our time we wandered around looking at the planes and in the buildings.

Here is another view of the Vulcan. Miss K did not want to go up as you can to climb a ladder to get up so J went up. He had some interesting facts to tell us about what he saw there. The Vulcan was developed after World War II and the beginning of the Cold War.

It was a nice day for walking outside a bit cold but not raining.

There were a few cockpits and planes that we were able to go in. Here are the kids being the navigators in this plane.

She is looking at the buttons and maps and wondering what to do next.

We just finished a few weeks on World War II. We didn't make it to the Holocaust Museum but we did see some World War II things at the Air Museum.

We then went to the National Civil War Museum. I was feeling a bit pressured because I didn't have as much change as I would have liked to have for the parking so we had about an hour there. We have studied the Civil War a bit though I think quite a bit of our learning came from Horrible Histories.

The dress-up area is always a favourite.

Look out -- she has a gun.

Trying the hat on for size. I really need to figure out what to do with her hair.

Here is some graffiti on the wall in the attic.

There was a short movie that we watched. We spent our hour there and I honestly can't say that I learned much about the Civil War.

I am glad that we were able to have a day out. The kids thanked me for taking them. I think it was good to get out and explore.

That was my first time driving on the Motorway even if it was only about 5 miles. That gave me confidence to do it again. I did learn that I need to have lots of coins in the car for parking.

I am beginning to plan my next outing.

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