Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unfinished Projects 2016 Edition

In 2015 one of my goals was to reduce the number of unfinished projects that I have. I kept a list of the projects here. It is time to update the list for 2016. I pulled out the box and went through the projects.

1. Fall table toppers/runners - One of these has been quilted and just need the binding. The other one needs to be quilted or finished in some way. That is one of those projects that would take an afternoon if I just sit and do it.

2. Good Night Moon - When my mom visited in autumn, we bought some border and backing fabric. I even sewed the border on the quilt top. I just need to quilt it.

3. Sugar bag quilt - I have to finish the sashing and then quilt. I bought some fabric and I think it might be for the binding. That is why you finish things right away because you forget what you were planning to do or you keep a detailed notebook of sewing projects which I had at one time.

4. Le Petit - Another one that is ready to be quilted. I need to find some backing for this and that means finding a fabric store as the one I went to previously has closed.

5. Amish Spools - I found a piece of backing so now I just need an afternoon and I think I can finish quilting this.

6. Prayer Flag - I think I am just going to finish this and forget that it is not sewn correctly. Just a reminder that only God makes things perfect.

7. Give Thanks bunting - This is a bit of a project. I need to look at what I have done and figure out how I am going to finishing this project.

8. Jesse Tree ornaments - I actually have more of these cross stitched so it is a matter of finishing the cross stitch and then sewing them together. This might be the project in the bin that is the oldest.

9. Summer House quilt - this is one that I began last year. I love the bright and cheerful colours.

10. Name pillows for my children - These are just pillows with their names on. I have made these for nieces and nephews and need to make them for my children. I have J's ready to be stuffed. I need to make Miss K's.

That is the list. Just 10 projects. When I look at the list, I have matters for a number of these and most of these could be done in a day or two. In most of these it is a matter of sitting down and doing it. My first goal is to finish the name pillows. I am halfway done that and then it is something to cross off. I think at the same time I should begin working on the cross stitch considering that is the oldest project in the bin, first in, first out.

The goal is less projects at the end of the year. On your mark, get set, sew, finish.

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