Friday, February 5, 2016

January Review

I know it is now the 5th of February and I am taking the time to reflect on January.

My word for the year is challenge. My plan is to challenge myself in a different area each month. January I challenged myself to do the Whole30. I did it -- yeah!!--with no cheats or slips. I learned quite a bit about myself and the struggle during those 30 days. There is so much that I could write about that. I will say now that I learned that I need to be alert so that I don't lick my finger when it was something I was not to eat or just finish something remaining on Miss K's plate. I did have the self-discipline to do it. Now I need to continue that self-discipline in the coming days and I will tell you it is difficult.

That was January's challenge.

One of the goals for the year was the Reading Challenge. In January I read:

- Finding Myself in Britain by Amy Boucher Pye - This was an easy read and one that I could relate to in some ways. Amy is American married to a Brit and living here. She writes about culture and live here but also weaves faith into that. - I don't know where this fits in the reading challenge.

Awe by Paul David Tripp - Who and what controls our heart? This book was a challenge to see God and allow him to have every aspect of my life. This was my Christian Living book.

Jack Ballads from the Hearth - by Chautona Havig - I have read most of the books that Chautona has written. This was not the usual book but I enjoyed as much as the others. This was just published in 2016 so I am considering this my Book published in 2016.

Morning Breeze by Folung Lo - This was a bit of her life during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It was one girl's story of how she survived that time.

I read four books in January and started a few others. Yes, I normally have a few books at a time that I am reading.

Less Unfinished Projects - I didn't start any new projects and I didn't finish any so I am at the same place. I do need to go through my unfinished projects and see what I have.

I continue with the goal of less stuff. I sold some home school books and things that we are no longer using. I sewed some sandwich wraps which used some fabric. I have a few boxes of things that I need to take to a charity shop.

We did not go hiking this month. I did put my hiking boots on the other day to go to the park because I knew it would be muddy up there.

We really didn't have an outing this month. We went to Manchester but that was for the monthly prayer meeting. We went bowling with friends last weekend so maybe that counts. Considering that I won both games I think it does count as our outing.

I have my list of goals in my planner which is a place where I can reference them as I plan. I need to spend a bit of time just reviewing and doing some further planning.

That wraps up January. I am looking forward to February.

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  1. Congrats on doing Whole 30 successfully! I have a daily devotional book written by Paul David Tripp - can't remember the name. I read it last year. Maybe I should read "Awe."



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