Tuesday, February 23, 2016

From the Outside

One of the places on my list of places to go on our outing the other day was the Southwell Minister. I enjoy wandering through old churches and it is free so why not stop and wander. We drove through Southwell and found the pay and display parking. I still didn't have many coins. I was hoping that machine might be one that takes a card. Well, the parking lot was full so we drove through town and ended up parking in an area that wasn't a pay parking.

We then walked back through the town to the Minister. It is difficult at times to discover the history of a building because it is often built where there was a previous building. This building has some history going back to Roman times.

We arrived just as a funeral was beginning and so we couldn't go inside. We wandered around.

As we walked around the corner there were some ruins of a previous building. Why is it that ruins here look historic while in other places of the world they just look like a building has fallen down?

We walked around the outside. I think it would be interesting to go inside. Maybe our next time there.

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