Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February in Review

February is over, all 29 days this year. I can't say that we did anything special or exciting for the extra day. It was just a normal day.

My word for 2016 is Challenge, I am reminding myself as much as anyone. My focus for February was loving my family. Love is a noun but it is an abstract noun so that one is a bit harder to define. I think this challenge was a bit more difficult as it didn't have rules and guidelines like my food challenge. I want my love to reflect God's love and so I need to understand the depths of God's love for me. I will say that I have learned to listen and put the computer or book or sewing aside to listen. I have tried to love unconditionally, sacrificially but my desires, my wants just keeps getting in the way. I am glad that I took the time to just reflect on what it means to love my family.

In March I am going to focus on routines, habits, and schedules. My goals are to have myself, my children, my house running on a schedule without my brain power having to do all that. Okay, that challenge might take more than a month.

I want to focus on some habits -- most of these are remaining from the food challenge and the goal of losing weight. I am using a habit tracker for that.

I want some good morning and evening routines. I need do work my cleaning schedule which I wrote and need to follow as well as a schedule for school. I have my work cut out for me.

What else happened in February?

I read one book. I finished one book, To Kill a Mockingbird which is my classic book. I started a biography of Margaret Thatcher. When I was picking the book, I thought, "let's read the authorised biography, that this is the real thing, don't settle for less than the authorised biography." What I learned as I began chapter 1, page 1 of 758 pages of volume one of the authorised biography, is that authorised biography means the author was given accesses to all the letters, journals, papers, and other notes and so all of those things need to be included in the biography. I am now on about page 57. I might find another biography to read.

I need to read a few more books in March to get caught up on my goal for the year.

I finished half a project, J's pillow is finished. I say half because I need to make Miss K's pillow. I also quilted my Good Night Moon quilt and just need to hand sew the binding on. I am working on those unfinished projects.

We continued to practice hospitality. We enjoyed a fun evening with some friends.

I took the kids out on an outing. I have a stack of brochures of places to visit.

We put our boots on and went hiking one afternoon. It was one of the days that we had sun and so we had to go out and enjoy it.

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