Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday's Five

Five Things I have done this week.

1. Recovered from holiday and then a mums and daughters weekend at a nearby holiday centre.

Miss K working her way around the climbing wall. I did a bit of climbing as well. 

Trying some archery. 

2. I have been enjoying a new Bible study, John from Journal and Doodle through the Bible. My doodles needs a bit more work but I am enjoying a new way to look at Scripture.

3. I made some Bible bookmarks this week. I think I enjoyed looking for verses as much as making the bookmarks.

4. Drove J to his piano exam. This was the first time he has taken one of the exams. He thought he did fine.

5. I took Flat Stanley to the Co-op. He got lost in the biscuits.

That is five things I have done this week.

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