Thursday, March 17, 2016

Barcelona - Day 2

Our Second day began with a visit to Park Guell. Again we had purchased our tickets online. We had a 10:30 entry time. We rode the Metro and then a bus to get there. I have to say that the public transit system is good. We bought 3 day tourist passes and it worked for both the metro and the bus.

Here is the famous salamander. There was a bit of a line to get your photo taken with the salamander.

Miss K waited in line. Before we took our trip we read the book A Stroll with Mr. Gaudi. That gave us just a bit of information about Gaudi. I am glad we had read that so we had some background information before the trip.

On the upper level are the benches which are covered with mosaics. I love the look of all the colour and bits of porcelain. There were parts that had all of one colour and other parts that were just a mix of colours.

Here are the benches. They flow along the top of the area and are full of mosaics.

Park Guell is located at the upper part of the city and so you have a great view of the city and even to the sea.

Here is another view. The two houses look a bit like they are fun Candy Land. The line to get in the one house was about 45 plus minutes. The other house is the gift shop. We wandered in there. The walls are curved.

Our afternoon plan was to go to the Chocolate Factory. That ticket was not saved to put in a scrapbook but rather was eaten. It was the best ticket I have ever eaten, a rich dark chocolate.

Miss K found Chicken Little.

We then wandered through the city and found the Barcelona Cathedral. It is free in the morning but in the afternoon there is an entrance fee. We decided to pay and go it.

 This had the architecture that we have seen in other cathedrals.

We wandered through the Gothic Quarter which is not far from the Barcelona Cathedral. We saw the bridge that is like the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. This is also the part of the city that has some of the old Roman ruins.

Then we wandered until we found Christopher. As my husband said, they have put him on a pedestal. He is pointing towards the New World.

It was a bit grey that day but we did have a good day.

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