Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday's Five

Friday's Five is a place for me to share five things. 

This week's topic is Five things in my kitchen as a result of living and traveling overseas.

I spent quite a bit of time each day in the kitchen either cooking or cleaning up. Even in my kitchen there are reminders of the fact that I have lived and traveled overseas. It might be the spices in my cabinet. I never used curry like I do now after eating so many delicious meals at Salimar, our favourite Indian restaurant in Hong Kong. The powdered milk in the cabinet -- we love Anchor Powdered milk from New Zealand.  There are little reminders around my kitchen of places we have been.

1. Kyocera knives - I love my ceramic knives. I first discovered these in Taiwan when a friend introduced me to them. It didn't take long to love them. They are sharp but cut through fruits and vegetables so easily. They are the best knives for cutting tomatoes. I still have the first one that I bought and it is probably 15 years old but still cuts.

The pig cutting board is a reminder of my grandfather who made that for me.

2. My butter box - This is one of the newest additions to the kitchen. My mother and I bought these when we were out here enjoying the pottery shops. A box of spreadable butter fits nicely in it. That is my bit of England.

3. The fruit bowl from Thailand - I spent 6 months living in Thailand in 1992. Then later I was back every 6 to 8 weeks for a week or so. If I was there on the weekend, I would go to the weekend market and buy some blue and white dishes. This one is not too deep and perfect for fruit.

4. Stainless steel straw spoons - When we were in Switzerland, our hostess had these. She gave me four of them. It is a nice reminder of our host family and also great for hot drinks. Miss K loves using them with her almost daily hot chocolate.

5. My Vintage Pyrex - I guess I just couldn't leave America without some of this. I use the bowls for mixing and serving.

Five things from my kitchen reminding me of the places I have been.

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