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Grapevine Studies - TOS Review

I enjoy beginning out day with some Bible time. It is great to have something that is interactive and something hands on for the kids to do. Since I have children at two different levels, it is nice when we can do the same thing but at each of their levels. Grapevine Studies gives us both hands on and something for both child. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review Grapevine Studies Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry Level 1 with Miss K and Level 4 with J. 

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

We received the digital download of Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry Level 1 with the Teacher's manual and also Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry Level 4 with the Teacher's manual. I had the student books printed but used the teacher's manual as a PDF file on the iPad. The Teacher's Manual shows the colours to draw the figures. Because of the drawing and colours it is nice having it so you can see it in colour. For me that was my cost effective way to do it.

Grapevine Studies is a Bible study method and curriculum. This provides a tool in studying the Bible.   The study begins with a timeline which helps to put the passage in chronological order and helps to see the bigger picture of the Bible events. The timeline for the study went back to Adam and just covered a few of the events from the beginning until the birth of John. I like seeing how events fit into the whole story and not just picking out certain bits and pieces.

We used this about four times a week together. Miss K had her book and J had his. While they were both studying the same passage and drawing the same figures, J had a bit more to interact with and respond to based on his higher level. Level 4 has a Quest Page with things to look up in a Topical Bible, Bible Dictionary, Concordance and a Quest Question. I think it is a good way to begin to use these Bible study tools.

Here is a sample of the same story from the different levels.

We would often do four or five passages each day depending to the length and the amount of time we had. Throughtout the book there would be points that we would be reviewing the timeline and adding major events to the timeline.

It does not take long to read and discuss each passage. I would read the Bible passage and then we would talk about, answer some of the questions and draw what is happening using stick figures. The Teacher's Manual includes some discussion questions for the passage and shows the figures to draw. Each passage does not take long to do. To get the details for this specific study we did jump a bit from Matthew to Luke but that is just to be able to get all the details of the story.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

This study began with Zacharias and Elizabeth and goes all the way through Jesus teaching his disciples to pray. There are 12 lessons in the book.

You can tell that this is J's page.

I like the principals that are taught in this series. The method is to read a short passage and then to summarise the passage using stick figures. This works great with various stories in the Bible.

We have enjoyed learning together with Grapevine Studies.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

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