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EdTechLens - TOS Review

Science especially at the elementary level is about observing the world around you. Some of that might be in your own backyard and some might be in far away places. Since we cannot travel to the rainforest it was fun to explore the rainforest. We recently had the opportunity to review the Rainforest Journey Grade 2 from EdTechLens.

Rainforest Journey EdTechLens Review

EdTechLens is an online curriculum developer for grades K-5. Currently the program that they offer is Rainforest Journey, which is a life science program.

We received a one year subscription to Rainforest Journey, Grade 2.

We used EdTechLens on the computer which did mean that I sat with Miss K while she worked through this. It can be used on other online platforms as well. There are both teacher accounts and student accounts. While there are the two accounts we worked from the teacher account partly because at the beginning I was confused and just used my account and then later discovered how to login for the student account. EdTechLens assigns a student ID and you assign a password. You can either sign in as the teacher or the student. The student account will remember where the student is in the program and will not allow the student to move on until a section is completed.

There are five units in the Rainforest Journey. The unit topics included The Big Picture, Adapt or Die, Animals, Plants and Fungi, and Ecosystems. The units are broken into chapters and then into lessons. The lessons begin with a large photo of what that specific lesson is about and then there is both the written text that can be read by the teacher or the student and an audio clip that reads what is written there.  The photos were amazing as they were vibrant, close-up, and detailed. It took just about ten minutes to do each lesson. At the end of the lesson was a PDF lesson review and hands-on activities. There are also quizzes but that is a bit more than Miss K can do at this time.

Rainforest Journey EdTechLens Review

The nice feature of having teacher account is it can do the grading for you. I like the idea that you can have children at different grades learning the same topic but at varying learning levels.

Science seems to be one of the things with Miss K that is not done consistently. When we began this review, I had hopes that this would engage her and that her own excitement would help me to be consistent in doing science. She enjoyed it at the beginning but that did not continue. There were times that I knew she was following along and learning some new things.

I had a technical issue of any time that I logged in with my teacher account, I had to use the "forgot password" feature. I wrote my password down and used it the next time but again it would not allow me to login. I saved my password to the cloud but even then it would not accept the password. That just added a bit of delay in logging into the program. EdTechLens is aware of this issue.

I loved the photos. It was fun to explore a part of the world through the computer where we have not been. The videos gave you opportunities to see things that are not in your backyard.

You can go reviews from others here.

Rainforest Journey EdTechLens Review

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