Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Barcelona Day 3

Thursday our last full day in Barcelona. We had no tickets for things. Our list that day included going to Market of la Boqueria, going to the beach, and going out for lunch.

The children and I headed out to the market. We used our three day Metro tickets and took the Metro.

I think one of my favourite things to do is wander through a market whether it is Pike Place for just the wet markets in Asia. I love looking at the variety of things being sold. Some are unique to that place.

So many fruits and so nicely displayed.

I can imagine on a hot day that this vendor would have lots of sales. They look so neat in a row just waiting to be bought.

We were not far from the Mediterranean Sea so it is not surprising that there is lots of seafood there.
We even saw a few shrimp walking on the ice.

My son loves dates and so he looked at this neat display of dates drooling about eating them.

Bread is such a staple in so many cuisines. This looks like good crusty bread to dip in olive oil.

Some more fruit and vegetables.

They sold cups of fruit ready to eat. Miss K got some strawberries. They also sell olives in cups ready to eat.

One more photo from the market. I love wandering looking at what is being sold, finding unique things. I love taking photos. This was a mixture of locals and tourists shopping.

We walked out of the market and decided we wanted to head to the beach. I needed to figure out which way to go and then in the distance I saw Columbus pointing the way to the new world and new if I walked toward him we would find the beach.

We found it -- the beach -- the Mediterranean Sea. It is so blue. It was not that hot but warm enough. I  put my feet in the water just to be able to say I have done it.

Here J and K are heading to the water. Miss K had her swimsuit on under her dress. She knew we were going to the beach and it was hard to convince her that she didn't need to wear her swimsuit.

I think the beach was the highlight for the kids.

After playing at the beach for some time, we met daddy for lunch. J ordered grilled sardines. Four sardines nicely lined up in a row on his plate.

Four skeletons neatly lined up in a row after he had finished eating.

It was a great trip and fun to experience a place that was new to each of us. Miss K just said she missed Spain.

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