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Homeschool Copywork - TOS Review

Copywork is something that at times I have added into our learning schedule. I was excited to have an opportunity to review Homeschool Copywork. I received a Lifetime Membership for this review.

Homeschool Copywork Review

Copywork is not busy work. Copywork is not just practicing handwriting. Copywork is valuable in so many areas such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, as well as learning information. It requires focus, short-term memory and builds those skills. Copywork can be just copying a sentence or it can be longer passages as well.

Amy Blevins created Homeschool Copywork after seeing the results that her daughter achieved through doing copywork on a regular basis. I love the fact that this is a homeschool mom who has designed something based on her own use and offers this for others. She understands homeschool moms and the needs.

The website has the resources separated by level -- Early Elementary Copywork, Upper Elementary Copywork, and Junior High-High School levels. The copywork is in ebooks with a variety of topics from artist to character building, from history topics or Bible passages and many other topics.

It is easy to download. You just click on the copywork book that you want and it will download directly to your computer. I wish that I could preview before downloading but that is just me with a hard drive that is quickly filling up.

There are so many topics to pick from. I downloaded a few for Miss K to use. On Friday mornings we will often study some poetry and so one week I gave her Poems of Emily Dickinson to do as copywork. That was an easier piece for her to work on as it was a shorter passage and had the lines directly below.

The other week Miss K found the book about the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse at the library. She added that to her stack and I discovered that there was copywork on that in Homeschool Copywork so I gave her those pages to work on. This was a bit harder as it was longer passages and meant that she was copying from a previous page. I learned a bit of what kind of copywork to give her and how to adjust it for her level.

The books range from 40-50 pages to over 150 pages for the Human Body Notebooking Pages. While that sounds long each book contains the variety of copywork levels from manuscript to cursive. I found it best to not print the complete book even though that would be easy but rather go through and picked the pages that I knew Miss K could do.

J is learning about vanGogh in his art class so the copywork is a good way to have the learning cover more areas.

Homeschool Copywork offers three different membership types. A free membership gives you limited resources. There are the options of a One Year Membership and a Lifetime Membership.

You can read reviews from other Crew Members and see how they used this in their learning.

Homeschool Copywork Review
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