Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Two Years Ago

Two yeas ago we packed all our suitcases and a few extra boxes to be shipped. Two years ago the kids and I left Seattle flying all the way to England. Two years ago we arrived in England to begin our ministry here.

In the past two years I have learned so many things.

1. I have learned that just because it is raining it doesn't mean you need to bring in the laundry because by the time you have it down it will stop raining.

2. I have learned to make a cup of tea with milk for friends, for the piano teacher, and for all kinds of occasions. I have learned to drink a cup of tea with a bit of milk. My drink of choice is still coffee.

3. I have learned that coins have value and you can use them for parking, groceries, bus fare, and even a handful can be used to pay Brownie subs. I am sure the leader loved have £5 in coins but that is what I had. There are eight coins in use and they are used versus the four coins that are used in the US.

4. I have learned what swede is, have eaten it, bought it, and even cooked with it.

5. I have learned the many uses of the word pop. I"" will pop down to the shops and buy some milk. "Pop a signature on this document and we will be finished." "Pop in if you have any questions." "I will pop you on hold."

6. I have learned to drive on the other side of the road. I took driving lessons and passed the test.

7. I check the diary to see if I have anything on that day and then mark it in my diary.

8. I have learned that I wear trousers.

9. I have learned to shorten words. That is brill or fab. I wonder if the subs I pay for Brownies are subscriptions. Subs were due this week for Brownies.

10. I have added some new cookbooks to my shelves -- Mary Berry, Delia, and Jamie Oliver.

11. I have learned to go outside and enjoy the sun while it is shining.

12. I have learned that the best place to be is exactly where God wants you even thought at times it might be difficult. I am thankful for the past two years of being here where God has led and provided for us.

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