Saturday, April 9, 2016

March Update

I know it is now April 10 and I am sitting and writing an update for March. I had plans to do it on last weekend but was busy setting my quilting record.

So what did I do in March? I better quick write this before I forget what I did. Maybe I will just make it easier for myself and look at my notes in my planner.

I finished another project on my Unfinished Projects list. I finished Good Night Moon. I started in two years ago, added the border last autumn and quilted it and added the binding this year.

I just used some of the leftover pieces to make the binding. I love that look on the binding.

It was a split nine patch which is so easy to do.

Outing - I took the kids to the market and to the beach when we were in Spain. I am going to call that my outing for March. I also took Miss K to the mums and daughters weekend. That should count for something.

Books - I am working on my Book reading challenge. I finished four books in March. I read Number the Stars and am considering that my book for children. I also read Intentional. I couldn't decide if I was going to put that under the book your pastor recommends or written by an Anglican. It was recommended by the vicar as it is the book that the vicar wrote but I decided to put it under written by an Anglican as there is another book I am currently reading that was recommended.

March's focus was habits, routines, and schedules. I have a good evening routine with all the things I need to do so I am ready for the next day. My morning routine needs some work. We have a good laundry schedule which is posted for everyone to see and follow. I have a cleaning and schedule and I think the house is staying clean though a child told me that their room needed to be dusted and vacuumed. I guess we need to follow the schedule a bit more.

April's challenge is creative. I have begun working on a few creative projects.

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  1. I love your patchwork! And particularly as it is themed on Goodnight Moon, one of our favourite books!



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