Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April in Review

April showers bring May flowers. I think through we have had more snow flurries in April than we did in the winter.

I had plans in April to be creative and do all kinds of creative things. I did begin and finish a quilt, my record breaking quilt.

It might have been the shock of having done that quilt so fast but I really didn't do much other creative projects this month.

We didn't go on any outings. What did I do all month?

I did read four books. Thanks to the list I have in my planner I can tell you what books I have read.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank - I finally got around to reading that book.

From Dishes to Snow - I never figured out the title. It was an easy reading book.

Gospel Amnesia - This was an excellent book that just reminded me how easy we forget the gospel. That is so true for me. I can easily fall into the thought, "the gospel was for the moment of salvation and now it is just me working hard and doing good" but really the gospel is God's grace and I need that each day. This fulfilled the category "a book with the word 'gospel' in the title".

God's New Community - this is from the category "a book your pastor/vicar recommends". This is one that over the past year has been recommended a few times and I finally read it.

My book total for this year is 15 books.

I am not sure what May's challenge is. Maybe getting rid of stuff. I have a stack of home education books that I have sold. I need to sort through books a bit more. I looked at a stack of puzzles wondering if there are some we can get rid of. I think I just found May's challenge. How much stuff can I get rid of?

What are your goals for May?

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