Sunday, May 15, 2016

S'more Fun

The days are getting longer. The weather is a bit warmer. It is time to enjoy bits of summer. I found a grill marked down this week and decided it would be fun to be able to grill a bit in the summer. Having a grill meant we needed to make some S'mores. That sounds so easy. S'mores are just three ingredients but finding the right substitutes was the challenge. We were attempting to anglicise the American campfire treat.

I found imported marshmallows at Costco. The bag says they are Mega and it means mega. There was a comment about American food being big and how these marshmallows followed that tradition. We decided that these worked best if we cut the marshmallow in half before we toasted it. 

The back of the bag tells how to make a S'more, calling it a tradition campfire treat very popular in the United States and Canada.

I had my marshmallows now to get the graham crackers or something that would work. I have to say that the whole cracker section of the supermarket is missing. The best there is here are water crackers but we are missing things like Cheez-its, Triscuits, Wheat Things, and even saltines. You can buy some of these things on and a few other American food websites but you pay quite a bit and I didn't have time to wait for an order to come. I bought Digestives and Biscoff hoping that one of them would work.

In the end given the fact that we had Mega marshmallows we ended up using the Digestives.

I also had to find the right chocolate. That doesn't should that hard as we have lots of delicious chocolate here but I didn't want it too thick because the chocolate needs to melt a bit. I bought about four different chocolates. In the end we decided that the Cadbury Dairy Milk Kids was the best chocolate.

We toasted the marshmallows over the grill. We had invited our neighbours to join us. Our back gardens are next to each other and Helen is in my small group. Their son had S'mores at camp but it was a new treat for the rest of the family.

Here is one ready to eat.

Miss K is enjoying her S'more.

These were a fun treat and we enjoyed sharing them with our neighbour. We sat around the grill/fire for a bit staying warm. We have enough marshmallows, chocolate, and Digestives to have these again.

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