Tuesday, May 17, 2016

British History - Prehistoric to 1066

I shared a bit about our resources for studying British History. We are making progress in our study. We began in prehistoric, Stonehenge and moved all the way to 1066.

We made a model of Stonehenge with shortbread.

It was a combined effort as one of the packages of shortbread had gotten a bit crushed.

I ended up doing most of the reading from Our Island Story with some readings from British History. I found that Britannia repeated the stories from Out Island Story.

We then moved to the Romans. The important things that I wanted the children to know are why the Romans came, what they did here and the legacy that they left, and then why they left.

We built Hadrian's Wall from some chocolate biscuits.

Miss K is quite pleased with her wall.

After the Romans, we moved to the Anglo-Saxons and then the Vikings. I ended the first section just before William the Conqueror. It is difficult at times to find a break in history to have a test. There are events before William the Conqueror that lead to that event.

The maps that we traced during this period were the following
Roman Britain
Anglo-Saxon England
The Earldoms in 1045
Britain from 1066-1070

The important events on our timeline were the following:
55BC Julius Caesar
123AD Hadrian's Wall
410AD Roman's leave
449AD Saxons arrive
596AD Augustine comes
787 Viking raids begin
871 Alfred becomes King of Wessex

Some of the important people we studied were as follows:

  • Boudicca - Miss K loved the story of Bouricca and her daughters. Miss K remembers history with families and children. 
  • Canute
  • Caractacus
  • Earl Godwin
  • Edmund Ironside
  • Edward the Confessor
  • Ethelred the Unready
  • Gunhilda - I loved the quote from her, "my death will bring great sorrow upon England"
  • King Alfred
  • King Harold
  • St. Albans
  • Tostig
  • Venerable Bede
  • Vorigern

Now we have moved to 1066. I think as we began studying that we remembered our visit to Battle Abbey.

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  1. Do you like Our Island Story? I was just looking at it and thinking of reading it to my kids.

    1. I am enjoying Our Island Story. I find it easy to read, understandable, and detailed with both history and interesting stories. I am reading it from the Kindle which is a new experience for me. Sometimes that means I don't know how long the chapter is. I got it on a CD from Heritage History.



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