Monday, May 9, 2016

Is it summer?

Miss K has asked that question a few times recently. Currently at ballet and church and maybe the schools it is called summer term. The weather yesterday and today has felt like summer. We have learned that summer is not necessarily hot so if you get a few hot days enjoy them.

Yesterday and today were hot days. Not Asia hot or even summer in PA hot but England hot. We had to go and do something fun.

We got school done this morning and then packed a lunch. A few weeks ago I had seen a picnic table not far away and knew there was a place where we could walk nearby. So we headed out.

I decided I would take my good camera and just get some nice photos. I did take my camera but didn't take a memory card. I will confess that is not the first time that has happened. All the photos are from my phone.

There was tree climbing.

Testing to see how waterproof the new wellies are.

A nice quiet stream to throw a few stones in.

A tree beginning to have leaves up on a hill.

Bluebells in the field.

More bluebells in the field but I would like to go where we went last year and the field was full of bluebells.

You know how when there is a snow storm everyone runs to the supermarket for bread and milk. If you get there too late there is not much left. Well, when it is hot everyone runs to the store for ice cream and lollies and if you are late there is not much left. This is what we found this afternoon at Sainsbury's Local. We found something to share and celebrate that the temperature was 23/79.

The picnic and the walk were the highlights of the day. I am glad that we did it.

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