Sunday, June 19, 2016

Air Show

I remember as a child going to watch an air show. My dad taught with a man who lived on a hill above the airport and so we would go to Mr. Wallace's for a picnic and to watch the air show. The big event there was always the Blue Angels. 

My husband found an air show here as in here in England. Just another time that we prove we are Americans who think nothing of driving long distances for events. This time we took the train or rather two trains. The air show was on the coast at a beach.

It was an early morning especially for a Saturday to get the 8:20 train. I had a bag of food and snacks to take with us. 

We arrived in Weston-Super-Mare at 11:30 and followed the crowd to the seafront. I think this is the one weekend a year that the town is crowded. 

We sat on the beach. I wasn't quite prepared for sitting on sand. It was a sand beach and excellent sand for sand sculpture. 

It was fun to see planes that we would not normally see at an air show in the US. 

The big event of the show was the Red Arrows. 

It was fun to watch all the planes flying across the sky. It was gray and overcast. I don't think I quite have enough of a telephoto lens to really be able to get close up photos.

It was low tide but there were signs about sinking mud so we couldn't go out to the water.

One of the last flights of the day was Breitling Wing Walking Team. Again the photos don't really show it but there were people on the wings.

We ate fish and chips on the beach along with coffee and tea as it was cold and windy. We enjoyed our day and have a list of things that we would do next year.

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