Sunday, June 26, 2016

Exploring Our City

The other week I wanted to go out and do something. I have a list of places to go for the day but I didn't have a day so I looked on Trip Advisor for some suggestions of things to do in our city. Trip Advisor is great for both holidays and also around town.

I decided to go to Kelham Island which I am not sure is really an island. The museum there is mainly about the industrial past of the city.

The city is known for stainless steel. There were displays of tools.

The largest steam engine in Europe was there and twice a day they start the engine. It gets loud and you know what they are doing.

Miss K is learning about pushing and pulling used in tools.

I thought it was interesting all the pieces that go together to make a pocket knife. They had pretend pieces there and you could try the puzzle to put it together.

Hammers from A to Z. There were 25 hammers the name of each beginning with a letter of the alphabet. There were hammers that I didn't even know existed.

T was interesting -- the toffee hammer.

Henderson's Relish - let me just address a cultural difference first relish from my cultural background is like pickle relish, it is bits of something but this relish is not the same. Another side note is the local HE group contacted them to do a tour and we learned that there are only six people working there to make all the bottles of relish and they did not have employees to give tours.

Miss K found a phone booth and so we had to get a photo.

There is at least water on one side of the island.

It was a fun afternoon right here in our own city. We enjoyed it. Now I need to see what else Trip Advisor recommends to do here.

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