Saturday, June 4, 2016

Day Out in Chester

It is rare that we have a Saturday with no activities like art class and ballet. Today was a day with none of those things so we decided to go to Chester which is about a 2 hour drive. I think it is one place that taking the train is actually longer so we drove. Chester has been on our list of places to visit and today was the first time we went. I looked on TripAdvisor to see what are some of the things to do there.

We parked next to the city walls so we began by walking the city walls. Chester is an old Roman fort.

We walked and saw the Roman Garden which was interesting. We didn't bother to go down and walk through but just enjoyed it from the walls.

One of the things to see in Chester is the Eastgate Clock which is the second most photographed clock after Big Ben. I took some photos of it as well. The clock was placed at the Eastgate in 1899 to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria two years earlier.

We enjoyed standing up there and looking down at the people on the shopping area.

We went down from the city walls and found a sweet shop.

Then we went to the Cathedral, which has parts that date to 1093. It really is difficult at times to determine how old something is as there might have been a building that prior.

There were four mosaics on the wall showing Abraham, Moses, David, and Elijah.

The stained class was beautiful. It was free to enter and at various times there are tours but we didn't join a tour.

One of the interesting things that they are doing is building a Lego replication of the cathedral. For £1 you could pay to place a brick on the building. It is supposed to be 2 metres high when it is completed. Currently they have 45,000 bricks and I think the estimate is 350,000 bricks when it is finished.

After a milkshake and drink, we continued our walk on the city walls. We were able to see the cathedral as we walked.

There was a tower along the wall where Charles I stood and watched a battle of the Civil War, one that Parliamentarian forces won.

I think there is more Roman history there then we saw today. There is a Roman museum that we did not go to. It was a fun day.

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  1. Ah! We love Chester. My grandparents lived there, so we've enjoyed many happy trips and walks around the walls!



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