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Forbrain - Sound for Life Ltd. - TOS Review

For the past few weeks Miss K has been reviewing Forbrain a bone conduction headset from Forbrain - Sound for Life Ltd. This was a review that I really wanted to try and I admit I might have begged a bit for it. I wondered how it would help Miss K.

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

"Use your voice to boost your brain" 

It looks like a headset with a microphone  and a dynamic filter which sounds simple but what it helps with auditory processing. Forbrain optimises the audio-vocal loop by using bone conduction.

There are three specific areas that Forbrain can help with memory, speech, and attention.

I was very impressed with the research and information that Forbrain has on the website about how it works. I was not familiar with Forbrain prior to the review but I was aware of some of the principles related to auditory processing. The website gave quite a bit of information and research as to how this works.

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

As I mentioned,  this was a product that I was eager to try and excited to see what might happen as Miss K used it. I was tracking this and have to say the fact that it shipped from Europe for me meant that it arrived quickly.

When I opened the box, I will impressed. Forbrain comes in a nice zippered case with a foam cushion for the Forbain headset to fit in and be kept secure and protected. Sometimes it is the little things and little details that show the quality of a product.

Included with the Forbrain headset was an instruction booklet, charging cord, and extra covers for the microphone.

The instruction booklet was very simple and with information on how to sit and how long to use it. This is one of those things that is best with a little bit each day. We were familiar with that from doing some neuro-development programs in the past.

The headset is charged using a USB plug. I charged it when we received it and the battery has not needed to be charged over the past few weeks. It has a great battery life.

My primary purpose for the review was Miss K's speech. Some of her specific speech issues include mixing up thirteen and fourteen confusing the teens and "tys"(sixteen and sixty or eighteen and eighty) as well as some other pronunciation sounds. Miss K's speech issues are somewhat typical for Down Syndrome children.  I was also hoping that it would help with memory specifically math facts.

Miss K wearing the Forbrain headset and reading Dick & Jane.

Miss K used it for about 10 minutes each day. We did a variety of things -- sight words, speech words focusing on various target sounds for pronunciation, chanting math facts, counting or just reading a book aloud. I like the fact that it is easy to find something that she could do. These various things would all give the feedback that she needed to hear herself and then make corrections to speech.

Overall I would say that Miss K did not mind wearing it. Just the other day I noticed that when she was counting her thirteen and fourteen where distinct and understandable. We might be making some progress. In some ways it is hard to evaluate if progress and improvement is being made in the area of speech. I do think that it has helped. This is something that we will continue to use on a regular basis to improve speech.

You can read others reviews both how they used this and how it has helped by clicking below.

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

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