Saturday, May 4, 2013

Look what I made

I never had a desire to knit. I liked things that other people knitted but it was not something that I wanted to do. I didn't have time to knit. I had plenty of craft things with my sewing machine and paper crafts. I have fabric to keep me busy for years to come. I have a list of quilts that I plan to make. I have enough paper to last until my children are 25 years old. Crafting is my creative outlet. It helps me to relax. I enjoy putting things together and seeing the end result.

Now my sewing machine is packed in a box. My fabric is stuffed into boxes. Yes, there is more than one box of fabric. My sewing supplies are in another box. My scrapbook paper is in a box. My stamps and paper cutter are in a box. My Silhouette is in a box. My washi tape is in a box (though I have bought a few rolls here). My creative outlet is all packed in boxes that are in storage on the other side of the US.

I need my creative outlet. I can't wait until we unpack the boxes (partly because I don't know when we will unpack the boxes, it could be up to a year). I needed something that would not be expensive to buy some supplies. I didn't want to buy supplies of things I have in storage. I needed something that would be easy to travel with because at this point everything needs to go into suitcases and go on the plane with us.

The winning craft was knitting. Once again I could create. I could make something and enjoy the end result. Okay, well I am not quite at the point of enjoying the end result but I am learning. So here is my starting project.

Don't look to closely. I know there are mistakes. It is just the beginning. It was fun to sit and create something.

I will admit that years and years ago a babysitter taught me how to knit. Just the fact that it was my babysitter would tell you that it was years ago. I think I made a 3 inch square knitting piece -- it wasn't big enough to be a dish cloth or even a pot holder. I think we called it a plant mat.  

To learn I bought a Kids Knitting book and The Complete Beginner's Guide to Knitting by Nici McNally.

Maybe this year I will make scarves instead of quilts. Don't worry I am sure I will be ready to sew when I get my sewing machine but until then I will knit.

Do you have a creative outlet? What do you enjoy creating?

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  1. Beth, I took up knitting last year, and really enjoy it. I made a small card holder which you might like. It's probably in a knitting book somewhere. I learned through classes at Hobby Lobby. - Rela



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