Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Family Night

I had gotten some Family Night Treasure Chest Books published by Heritage Builders from a friend. We decided to use these to help us structure some family fun while teaching truths. We are working on Proverbs. One of the first activities was the toothpaste. It was easy to squeeze all the toothpaste out. Miss K really got into that.

and J did as well. Then they were asked to put it back in the tube and the reward was a $1 (our kids are cheap, the book says to offer $20). J tried he got a straw and tried to blow it back but he couldn't get all of it back. Which is like our words once our words are out of mouth we can't take them back.

Then we baked a cake. Did you know that it is hard to find a basic cake recipe from scratch in a cookbook. My Betty Crocker doesn't have any basic scratch cake recipes. I searched my email from a message my mom sent me the other year for a One egg cake recipe which is the cake I learned to bake. Well, we made that cake. Basically it was a J and daddy project because he was to understand how it is important to have instructions and how once you have done something it is easier to do it again.

Overall, it was a fun night and the Family Night Treasure Chest books did help.

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