Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tootsie Roll Anniversary

I am a bit late in celebrating this day. The actual anniversary day is the 23rd but on that day I had not yet been to the grocery store to buy Tootsie Rolls and then we just didn't have time until today to celebrate.

Did you know that the first Tootsie roll was made in 1896. I remember learning that it was made prior to 1900 when I read the book See You in a Hundred Years as the author had Tootsie rolls. Today there are over 47 million Tootsie rolls made a day. We did not have that many -- just one bag and we still have some in the bag.

We melted some in the microwave and I will say that the book said 60 seconds but that was way too much time for our microwave they were melted and funny. We did get some soft ones and we made some edible sculptures from them. J made a turtle.

Mama made a snowman. I guess all the snow outside inspired me. I don't really have a good picture. Miss K was in her room cause she is not feeling well. Her teacher said that this week at school she has been in a "mood". I am wondering if she is teething.

The idea for this celebration came from Every Day a Holiday by Silvana Clark.

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