Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So, sewing mama

I was cleaning out my sewing project box and on the bottom found a jumper that I had cut out. It must have been at least 2 years ago. I decided that the top was probably too small so I took the bottom and got some green gingham to give it some color and made a skirt. Miss K modeled it last night. She came home from preschool yesterday and wanted to wear her pink dress. I didn't try to explain to her that the pink dress was not a dress but really a nightgown. I figured we were not going out so she could wear the "pink dress." 

This is a jumper that I made before Christmas. The main body fabric came from Freecycle -- someone I know from church also on Freecycle--I added the yellow and green and we have a cute jumper. The pattern was easy and I have a some more fabric that I want to use for jumpers. Jumpers work best for her as they hang from her shoulders on her small body.

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