Monday, August 16, 2010

First day of school

Today was Miss K's first day of school. Because of her summer school schedule we didn't start her the same time which actually worked nice as J and I were able to get in a bit of a routine and then we added her.

She does look grown up and ready for school with her pigtails and sitting at her desk.

The fun of homeschool or house school as she calls it is that your brother can be your teacher sometimes.

She was drawing lines. I made these a few years ago and should make some more. I found various pages online for prewriting activities and I used the Scotch self-sealing laminating pouches to make it a reusable washable worksheet.  I did print the worksheet on card stock so it is a bit stronger. I was impressed with her lines.

I am starting with Shiller Math and then I might switch to Saxon. The first lesson is on shapes - circle, square and triangle.

We are working on her reading cards and learning her name, address, days of the week, counting, and a few other skills. As we get into our routine I will be adding various other things.



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