Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last day of school

Thursday was Miss K's last day of school until Monday when she has the first day of school. It was a big day -- her last day at the IU. She has been going three afternoons a week since October.

One day I asked her what she had for snack and she told me "chips". I didn't pack her chips so I asked "who gave you chips?" "Kevin" I sent a note to the teacher and yes she had been sitting next to Kevin and he had chips. Kevin was the one person she talked about the most. Sometime it was just "Kev". Kev is Asian I wonder if that is why she has connected with him the most.

The last few weeks she has wanted to go to school in the "big van". Since it was her last day I took her and got some pictures.

She knows the routine -- snack bags in one basket and notebook in another and her bag in her cubbie.

Then into the classroom. One of the first things they do is sing the "Hello" song to everyone while they jump. Soon after she started going there she would jump at home on the trampoline and say "hello song". We didn't know the song but would make up some words that hopefully sounded like the song. Ignore the tongue as I am trying to do that. I remember when she was tiny either hearing that Down Syndrome children often stick there tongue out or seeing it and so when she was a baby I was trying to keep her tongue in her mouth. I really don't think it hangs out that much but I did get a good picture of it here.

Miss Lisa says the classroom is going to be different without Miss K.
It has been a good few months for her. Thank you, Miss Lisa.

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  1. Awwww, she's growing up so fast! Glad that school was fun for her! (I wouldn't mind having a trampoline to jump on to start my day!) :-)



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