Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reverse Culture Shock - Forgetting your English

Along with feeling overwhelmed in the grocery store one other thing is remembering your English. It might be because overseas you spoke the local language or maybe because you used a simple English vocabulary. Then again it could be that English is just a confusing language. What do you call those things that are across the road that are used to slow cars down?

Speed Hump

Speed Awareness Riser

And I always thought they were speed bumps. No wonder I have problems with English.


  1. Okay, hump/bump. I get that. But Speed Awareness Riser? That's just terrible! I'd probably have an accident focusing on that sign, trying to decipher it. And this is why I don't drive in Asia. :-)

  2. I think Speed Awareness Riser sounds like it is a political correct form of speed bump.



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